Sims 4: Where to Find the Research Archive Machine and More

Sims 4 Discover University came with a handy new object known as the Research Archive Machine that your sim can use to grow their research and debate skill and win heated debates with other sims.

You can find Research Archive Machines in either of the campus’s student union and in the Laurel Library in Gibbs Hill, your sim can use these to grow their skills, contribute knowledge, and much more. This article will go over everything you need to know about the research archive machine including where to find them, how to purchase them, what they are used for and much more.

Where to find the research archive machine on campus?

Sims 4 Discover University came with a new world known as Britechester that is home to two main campuses, Foxbury Institute and University of Britechester, and a small residential neighborhood in between the campuses known as Gibbs Hill. Each campus has a student union where you can find the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine.

At Foxbury institute you can find two Research Archive Machines at the Larry’s Lagoon on the second floor. At the University of Britechester you can find two Research Archive Machines at the Darby’s Den. They are located on the far left wall.

In Gibbs Hill you can find four Research Archive Machines at the Laurel Library. They are located in the far right room of the library.

You can always add more Research Archive Machines by editing any of these lots in the manage world mode of Sims 4. You can choose to build on either lot and make any of these lots your own.

If you are interested in enrolling in either Foxbury Institute or the University of Britechester, you can learn how to become a university student and enroll in classes in this article.

Where do you purchase a research archive machine?

If you want to purchase a research archive machine for your house, you can buy the basic version known as the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine in the buy menu. You can find it one of three ways:

  1. Use the search bar in the top left corner of the build/buy menu, search Research Archive Machine.
  2. Go to “Objects by Room” then to “Study” then click on “Hobbies and Skill” which is depicted by the easel.
  3. Go to “Objects by Function” then click on the options bar and select “Activities and Skill” you can find it under “Knowledge” which is depicted by the chess table.

Tip: If you enjoy building complex builds and find your game freezing up, this could be due to your computer being unable to render all the objects at once. You might want to consider updating your laptop, check out our system requirement recommendations to help ensure you have a seamless gaming experience.

What is the research archive machine?

A Research Archive Machine is pretty similar to a computer, however you don’t get the full functionality of a computer, so don’t rely on it to purchase anything or pay your bills. You can grow your Research and Debate skill by researching a variety of different skills. As a bonus, if your sim is enrolled in university you can also use the research archive machine to study for your classes.

When you first click on the Research and Debate Skill as a new sim who has no skills the only option you can click on is research. You can choose a lot of different options for your sim to research. A benefit of the researching on the research archive machine is that you can build two skills at once, the Research and Debate skill and the skill your sim is researching.

For example, if you choose to research “Results of Photo Editing” your sim will grow the research and debate skill along with his photography skill. You can essentially master two skills at once.

If you are interested in documenting your sim’s journey through University, I have written an in-depth guide on photography in the Sims 4, including how to take family portraits and much more. You can check that guide out here.

There is another type of Research Archive Machine called the TY84 Gold Plus Research Archive Machine that is unlockable, you have to become a Senior Member of the Debate Guild. (the Debate Guild and how to become a member is discussed below). This version of the Research Archive Machine has a higher reliability rating (reliability 8) than the basic Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine (reliability 6). So you won’t have to worry about needing to repair the TY84 Gold Plus version as much.

What is the research and debate skill?

The Research and Debate skill is compromised of two components, the research component and the debate component. Your sim can master the research and debate skill in multiples ways.

You can have your sim research a topic or prep for a debate on the research archive machine. You can also have your sim practice debate using a mirror or the Daring Debater Podium Set.

The Research and Debate Skill has 10 levels and with each new skill level your sim receives a small benefit. Below I have set out each level of the Research and Debate Skill and what your sim gets with each level of the research and debate skill.

Skill LevelBenefit
1Sim can now build compelling opinions, backed by facts and figures.
2Sim can finish reading books in less time. Sim can debate a topic with other sims at a Podium Pair.
3Sim now completes homework at accelerated rate. Sim can now prepare for Debate at the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine and convince other sims to bathe or do a keg stand.
4Sim can now gain more study progress while studying. Sim can research more skills on the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine.
5Sim is now more persuasive and can now convince sims to do her homework and cook meals.
6Sim can now complete university presentations and term papers in record time. Sim can now contribute knowledge on the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine.
7Sim can convince sims to clean and convince roommates thinking of leaving the house to stay.
8Sim can now write and publish research papers at a computer. Your sim will also gain skills faster while reading skill books.
9Sim can convince others to go streaking and convince her boss to “Give Bonus” over the phone.
10Sim can have professional debates with a podium pair. Sim can give professional commentary at a podium or podium pair. These interactions will earn your sim extra Simoleons.

If you want to learn more about the research and debate skill I created this in-depth guide. It goes into more detail about all the benefits and how it can be used to advance your sim through the law career.

How to contribute knowledge on the research archive machine.

In addition of using the research archive machine to do research and prep for debates, sims can contribute their own knowledge to the research archive machine. Once you reach level 6 of the Research and Debate skill your sim will now have the option to contribute knowledge to the research archive machine. Your sim does not gain any research and debate skill from contributing knowledge.

You can contribute knowledge of any skill your sim has no matter what level your sim is at that particular skill. You will want to be careful and not contribute too much knowledge at one time, your sim could become dazed as a result. If you contribute knowledge three times in a row your sim will be dazed for 4 hours.

The main benefit of contributing knowledge is that your sim gets paid. Unfortunately, the higher your skill level you are contributing does not affect how much you make. My sim earned $482 from contributing knowledge while at level 1 of the fitness skill and again when she was level 10 of the charisma skill.

The level of your research and debate skill also does not affect how much money your sim will earn when contributing knowledge. Once my sim mastered the Research and Debate skill, I had her contribute knowledge and only earned $230.

How to debate?

Once your sim reaches level 2 of the Research and Debate skill you can debate other sims at the Debate Podium Pair. You can practice debating if no other sims are around or you can debate a topic with another sim.

To debate another sim, there has to be another sim around for you to debate. If no sim is around the option to debate a topic will not show up when you click on the podium pair.

If there is a sim around click on “Debate a Topic” and choose what you want your sim to debate. Not every topic is skill based and some are quite hilarious topics to debate about. If your sim has a higher Research and Debate skill than the other sim and is in a good mood the chances of you winning the debate are greater.

If you enjoy having your sim debate and your sim is enrolled in university you may want to consider joining the Debate Guild.

What is the Debate Guild?

If you are enrolled at the University of Britechester you have the option of participating the Debate Guild. The Debate Guild is an organization your sim can join while attending university. Joining the Debate Guild can enhance your sim’s university experience and add an additional challenge to the game. You will want to get your sim high in the ranks of the Debate Guild to reap all the benefits of the Debate Guild.

Being a member of the Debate Guild will help your sim earn extra credit, unlock a better research archive machine, and can convince professors to give you better grades. If you want your sim to earn good grades being part of the Debate Guild can help.

If your sim is an overachiever they may want to consider climbing the ranks of the University of Britechester’s Debate Guild or Art Society. Student organizations are a great way to improve your sim’s skills, receive exclusive member benefits and much more.

How to join the Debate Guild?

To join the Debate Guild you have to meet a member of the organization first. One of the easiest ways to meet a member is by going to the Debate Showdown that happens every Saturday at 8:00 am at the University of Britechester Outdoor Quad. At the debate showdown your sim can choose to participate in the debate tournament. If your sim wins a debate you will receive a small payout that can help any struggling university student.

Once you meet a member of the Debate Guild you can ask to join. If you have a good relationship with that member your chances of being accepted are much better. Once your a member, you will have a variety of tasks you have to complete to raise in the ranks of the Debate Guild. You will also know about all the events the Debate Guild throws and can strengthen your relationships with the other members.

The tasks you have to do refresh every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning at 9:00 am. This gives you three opportunities each week to grow your current member status. There are three levels of membership, a New Member, a Season Member, and a Senior Member.

In addition to completing tasks you can grow your progress by going to events and talking to members about debating or debating with other members at these events. There are multiple interactions you can choose from, but any interaction that has the small podium on it will grow your progress.

As you grow in the ranks your sim unlocks new abilities at each level, below includes all the objects and abilities your sim can unlock at each level:

  • As a New Member your sim will receive an Organization T-Shirt and an Organization Poster.
  • As a Seasoned Member you earn the ability to earn extra credit for Communication, History, Language, Psychology, and Economics classes when you participate in Debate Guild events.
  • As a Senior Member you get a Debate Guild Jacket, the TY84 Gold Plus Research Archive Machine, the ability to Convince Professors to increase your grade, give study tips to other sims, and help other sims with their homework.

What careers require the research and debate skill?

If you decide to join the legal career in the Sims 4 your sim will be required to level up in the Research and Debate skill in order to advance. When you reach Level 7 of the legal career you get to choose to either go down the path of being a private lawyer who strives to make partner or becoming a judge.

Either career path you choose you will need to max out the Research and Debate skill to reach level 10 of your career.

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