Sims 4: Rocking Climbing Gear Guide

Sims have a wide variety of skills and hobbies that they can grow their skills in. The Sims 4 Snowy Escape introduced a variety of outdoor hobbies and sports that sims can engage in. Sims can choose to become great snowboarders, skiers, or rock climbers.

If you want your sim to be a successful rock climber then you will need to purchase and maintain your sim’s rock climbing gear. This article will go through the importance of rock climbing gear, where you can purchase it, and how to maintain it.

Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Sims 4 Snowy Escape introduced multiple outdoor sports for your sims to enjoy and master their skills. Sims can now snowboard, ski, and rock climb. There are a lot of new items your sims can interact with including a variety of snowboards, skis, and rock climbing gear.

Rock climbing is a fun activity that your sim can engage in and eventually climb to the top of Mt. Komorebi. The rock climbing skill has a total of 10 levels and as your sim improves they will start to conquer harder climbs.

If you want your sim to succeed as a rock climber you will want to get them some rock climbing gear to help improve their chances of success. You will want to make sure your sim’s rock climbing gear stays in great condition so they won’t have any accidents on their way up the mountainous cliffs.

Where can you rock climb?

There are a few rock climbing locations within the Mt. Komorebi world that is included with Sims 4 Snowy Escape. This is the only world that includes rock climbing locations. You can find two rock climbing locations in the Yukimatsu neighborhood and one rock climbing location in the Senbamachi neighborhood within Mt. Komorebi.

To get to a rock climbing location you can go to any lot located in he Yukimatsu or the Senbamachi neighborhood. When you are in the neighborhood you want to look for a texturized wall, and when you hover over the wall you will notice that it becomes highlighted allowing you to click on it.

There are a variety of rock climbing locations, some more difficult than others. You will know if your sim has the ability to climb it based on the options you get when you click on the wall. If your sim only has the option to “Inspect Climbing Wall Conditions” it is likely that your sim is not skilled enough yet to climb that particular location.

If you do inspect the climbing wall conditions for a location that is too difficult for your sim you will receive a wall notification telling you that your sim’s rock climbing skill is too low to attempt to climb there.

If you are trying to get your sim to lose weight, rock climbing is a great way for your sim to increase their fitness skill and gain muscle. However, rock climbing does not effect a sim’s body fat percentage. To learn more about how sim’s lose weight you can check out my article going over how body fat works in the sims 4.

Do you need rocking climbing gear to rock climb?

You do not necessarily need rock climbing gear to rock climb, your sim can rock climb without it. To start rock climbing you will want to go to the beginner friendly rock climbing location located in Yukimatsu. It is the shortest rock climbing location in the game. You can start climbing at this location without any rock climbing experience.

While you do not need rock climbing gear, it will increase your sim’s chances of success. This is especially true for the harder rock climbing locations. As you attempt harder climbing locations having climbing gear is very important because the more chance for success your sim has the less likely they are to injure themselves.

Where to buy rocking climbing gear.

You can purchase rock climbing gear using the computer. To do so, you will first want to click on your sim’s computer and select “order.” You will then want to select “Adventure Gear…” and then choose “Purchase Rock Climbing Gear.”

Rock climbing gear cost $450 and you can only have one thing of rock climbing gear in your inventory at one time. If you want to replace your rock climbing gear you will first need throw away your old gear and then you can go and purchase new rock climbing gear.

Once you have purchase the rock climbing gear you will see that your sim’s inventory has a new icon in it. It is a snow boot and a helmet in a square. Unlike other inventory items you can move the rock climbing gear out into the world or give it to another sim. The icon will stay in your sim’s inventory and you can use it to equip or remove your rock climbing equipment, throw it out, or repair it.

How to Maintain Climbing Gear.

When you first purchase your rock climbing gear it ill be in Great condition. As you use your climbing gear the condition will worsen over time and soon be in poor condition and need to either be replaced or repaired. Repairing your climbing gear can keep your gear from breaking, but you just need to be on top of the maintenance to keep it from getting to far gone.

To repair your climbing gear it cannot already be in Great Condition and you have to wait a while between repairs sessions to repair the equipment again. Once it gets to too poor of condition, you can no longer repair the equipment to make get it. You will need to replace your rock climbing gear if you see the condition appears as “Broken.”

Once it is broken your sim will no longer have the option to equip the rock climbing gear. You will need to click on your rock climbing gear and select “Throw Away Climbing Gear” and then go to your computer and purchase a new set. There is only one type of climbing gear, even if you max out your rock climbing skill each time you go to purchase a new set it will be the exact same as the last.

How to Climb to the peak of Mt. Komorebi?

Unlike other climbing locations, you cannot find the climbing location for Mr. Komorebi out in the world you have to plan a Mountain Climb Excursion for your sims. It is a goaled event where you have to do specific tasks before moving onto the next climbing location.

To plan you Mountain Climb Excursion you will need to select your sim’s phone and choose “Plan Social Event” and then select Mountain Climb Excursion. You will have to select one sim to be the excursion leader and invite at lease one sim to be part of your excursion team.

Once you start the event you and your excursion team will spawn at the Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse in Yukimatsu. You will then climb the tall climbing location at the top of the ski lift and once each sim in the excursion team reaches the top you can move on up the mountain.

If you want your sim to take a day to go on a Mountain Climb Excursion you might want to consider utilizing your sim’s vacation days. You can learn how to take a vacation day from work here.

If you plan on climbing to the peak of Mt. Komorebi, you will want to make sure your climbing gear is in Great Condition and have an energy or protein bar in your inventory. If your sim has been injured recently from rock climbing make sure they have plenty of rest before attempting to climb Mt. Komorebi.

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